Memphis: 200 Years Together

Memphis: 200 Years Together does what no other single book has ever accomplished: bringing together the best local writers and scholars to cover the breadth and depth of Memphis history, politics, culture, business, music, food, religion, sports, and art. From the Chickasaw Indians, the Civil War, and the yellow fever epidemic to the civil rights movement, blues to hip hop, and even a foray into barbeque and basketball, Memphis: 200 Years Together chronicles the triumphs and tragedies from the founding of Memphis to the present.

Rather than one unbroken narrative, the essays in this anthology flow across the Memphis landscape, taking readers on a deep-dive to explore where we have been over the past 200 years, what it has meant, and how it has shaped this city. Contributors include: Karen B.Golightly, Jonathan Judaken, Beverly G. Bond, Janann Sherma, Shelby Foote, Timothy S. Huebner, Stephen V. Ash, Molly Caldwell Crosby,G. Wayne Dowdy, Charles L. Hughes, Jennifer Biggs, David Waters, Earnestine Jenkins, Preston Lauterbach, Aram Goudsouzian, Daniel Kiel, Geoff Calkins, and Zandria F. Robinson.

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